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Re: libmodern-perl-perl vs libmodern-perl

On Sun, Apr 04, 2010 at 01:42:08PM -0400, Jonathan Yu wrote:
> Hi,
> (Also addressing this to Ivan Kohler since he maintains packages
> outside the group and to David Moreno since he maintains
> libmodern-perl)
> Recently there was an ITP filed against libmodern-perl-perl [0], and
> it is subsequently sitting in the NEW queue. [1]

Sorry about that.  dh-make-perl and I totally missed libmodern-perl as a 
result of the odd package name.

> So to both Ivan and David, I wonder if you would perhaps consider
> joining the group and combining your packages with ours.

I'm already a member (looks like David is too).  Yeah, I should probably 
go ahead and borg my packages with pkg-perl when I get a chance.

Until I do that*, the perl group is welcome to take any of my packages.  
There is no need to ask, this mail pre-answers yes.  :)

* it could take a while for this old dog to find a big chunk of time to 
learn the new tricks.


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