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Re: LEOCHARRE:: modules and Wordpress::XMLRPC

Le samedi 21 novembre 2009 19:04:36, Jonathan Yu a écrit :
> What I am proposing is that we create a libleocharre-perl (better
> names welcome) and bundle all the LEOCHARRE:: stuff in there. That
> way, we'd be able to update Wordpress::XMLRPC without hurting the
> reusability of the LEOCHARRE stuff, but keeping in mind that these
> modules aren't likely to be used on their own (just as dependencies of
> LeoCharre's stuff).
> Thoughts all?

From a maintenance point of view, this is not good:

- These module are not registered in CPAN name space (The LEOCHARRE:: name 
space would never be accepted).

- the subs in LEOCHARRE::CLI are declared in 'main' namespace with 
declarations like: sub main::whoami {} or main::debug{}. Even variables 
commonly used in scripts may be clobbered: $main::DEBUG = 0 and


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