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Re: Fwd: Date::Calc 6.x and Date::Pcalc 6.x

On Mon, 2009-19-10 at 12:42 -0400, Jonathan Yu wrote:
> > There's finally only one namespace: Date::Calc
> >
> > Unless you *have* to support the old versions, just ditch them.
> Unfortunately, libdate-pcalc-perl has a few reverse dependencies:
> aven'jon(~)> apt-cache rdepends libdate-pcalc-perl
> libdate-pcalc-perl
> Reverse Depends:
>   otrs2
>   otrs2
>   otrs2
>   libopensrs-perl
> I don't want to support duplicate code (as it effectively doubles the
> work of upgrading things), but at the same time, those old packages
> need something to use.
> We could, alternatively, just patch libopensrs-perl and otrs2 to use
> the new (proper) libdate-calc-perl (possibly: libdate-calc-perl |
> libdate-calc-xs-perl) 

That seems more sensible to me.  As long as Date::Calc is done changing.


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