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Re: Debian, Perl and FOSDEM

On 14:30 Mon 19 Oct     , Gabor Szabo wrote:
> Hi,
> some of you might have read that I am trying to organize some Perl content
> to show on FOSDEM and to have a Perl stand where we can show Perl and
> projects written in Perl.
> I am not sure if the Perl projects warrant to have a separate dev-room
> but I think it might be interesting to have Perl related talks in the
> other dev-rooms and to have a booth where we can talk about Perl.
> Last year there was a Debian dev-room
> http://archive.fosdem.org/2009/schedule/devrooms/debian
> and I guess there will be one this year as well.
> So I wonder if any of you would be interested in submitting a talk to
> such dev-room?
> In addition if you are coming to FOSDEM, will you be able to help us
> with the stand? The organizers require to have at least two person all the time
> so we are planning to split up the 2 days among several people.
> Here is the blog I wrote about this:
> http://szabgab.com/blog/2009/10/1255696000.html


I should be attending FOSDEM next year.

Why not proposing a talk about the perl team projects in the debian-room ?

I will mostly spend my time in the debian-room and helping with de debian booth.
But I could try to find some free time to help a perl booth too, if there is such
a booth organized..

Hope to meet you and perl team members during this event and share some beers ;)

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