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Re: Bug#470154: Bug#531556: upgrade problem with the proposed libarchive-tar-perl Etch update

On Tue, 02 Jun 2009 15:36:31 +0300, Niko Tyni wrote:

> The lenny perl-modules package indeed only conflicts on
> libarchive-tar-perl (<= 1.38-2). Quoting Brendan O'Dea in #470154
> (cc'd to notify the pkg-perl folks):

Thanks for the notification.
> > While I can, and have added replaces for versions of libarchive-tar-perl
> > up to and including 1.38-2, you will have to add diversions for ptar and
> > ptardiff (or not include them) in later versions to avoid breaking perl
> > upgrades.
> This did not happen with 1.38-3~etch1.

Ack, I took the last version from unstable before the package was
released, and I missed #470154 ... (1.38-2). Sorry for that.

The code for the diversions was already in svn as 1.38-3 but it was
never released.
> I see three options for a fix: 
> - update the lenny perl-modules Conflicts 
> - add diversions for /usr/bin/ptar and /usr/bin/ptardiff
>   (and their manual pages) in the libarchive-tar-perl etch update
> - re-upload the Etch update with a lower version number (is this even
>   possible?), for example 1.38~etch-1 or somesuch
> FWIW, I'd prefer having this fixed inside the libarchive-tar-perl etch
> update, but I can certainly prepare a lenny update for the perl package
> if that turns out to be necessary.

I'm happy to help with libarchive-tar-perl but I'd like to wait for a
consensus and the release team's opinion before doing anything.

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