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Re: Copyright issues

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Hi Jeremiah (and others),

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 03:02:39PM +0100, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> In one of the packages that I package recently gregoa mentioned that I 
> missed a copyright attribution. I did this on the next package I 
> worked on:
> find cover_db/ -type f -exec grep -iH copyright {} \;
> It produces more than one copyright attribution but that attribution 
> is generated dynamically when the tests are run. Should I mention this 
> in the copyright file or is it enough that it is in the header of the 
> generated html file from the tests?

Do I understand you correctly that you scan copyright hints late during 
build, and then discover hints that is created during build but does not 
exist in the source (or in the Debian diff too the source)?

debian/copyright should document copyright and licensing hints for all 
*source*, not all outcomes of a build process.

You might want to install devscripts and have a look at the licensecheck 

And beware: It is your responsibility to make sure all copyright and 
licensing information is included - do not rely too heavily on automated 
scripts! As an example, some files might contain multiple licenses, only 
some of them being recognized by automated scans.

Also, even if licensecheck tells that some files are automatically 
created, you should still respect them as source if in fact they are 
provided in the source tarball. This is more often the case for 
autotools-using projects than Perl libraries, however.

  - Jonas

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