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Re: Debian Perl Group meeting at DebCamp - 2008-08-06

This one time, at band camp, Damyan Ivanov said:
> -=| Gunnar Wolf, Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 11:53:44AM -0500 |=-
> > Well, thing is we would have to set up as many public-facing Alioth
> > git repositories as packages we have, all with the same setup
> > (i.e. permission-wise, to all group members and DDs). Of course, it
> > could be templated/done... But it sounds suboptimal!
> I think the user management on alioth is set up in such a way, that the 
> current situation with regard to access permissions to SVN repository 
> would be kept for the git repositories too. It happens transparently 
> and we don't need to do anything when creating the Git repositories.
> What worries me more is the impact on the git.debian.org index of all 
> available repositories. That could of cource be addressed by grouping 
> the repoitories by alioth project. That is, show only "pkg-perl/" in 
> the main index, making it a link to the index of all pkg-perl/* git 
> repositories.

It would also be possible (potentially, I don't know if this is the best
idea) to serve the git repos from the pkg-perl webspace rather than from
/git/.  That would serve to break them out.  Of course, for gitweb to be
useful, we'd need to do some hacking around with it to make it find
them, so I don't know if this increases or decreases overhead, but it's
just a thought.

> I am Cc-ing admin@alioth.debian.org in case the admins have something 
> to add to this.
> Additional data points: we're talking about 950 git repositories; 
> there is no immediate plan to make the transition, we still discuss 
> *if* we want it.

That is a lot, and I thank you for being concerned about the load on
alioth.  We've switched to generating a static index because there are
already so many git repos that the dynamic index takes too long as it
is.  We currently have 1369 git repos on alioth, so you're talking about
not quite doubling that.  The current run to generate the .index.aux
used by gitweb and the static front page takes

real  12m13.779s
user  0m8.269s
sys 0m33.758s

so we're looking at something like 20 minutes if you add 1k more repos.
I _think_ that's OK with me, but I'll let the other admins chime in.

> My other concern is somehow opposite of Gunnar's: I worry about the 
> project-wide changes, i.e. changes affecting all packages. These don't 
> happen very often, but I personally find it useful to have all of the 
> packages checked out. This is now achieved by checking out trunk/.  
> running "svn up" in it from time to time brings in the newly added 
> packages too. Perhaps this can be addressed by using mr. Anyone having 
> experience with it?

That's hard, yes.  It might be useful to be able to do things like
cherry-pick a change to debian/rules into all packages, rather than
writing a script to do the changes in each repo and commit them
independently.  I don't know if that affects the decision, but it's
something to mention.

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