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Re: RFS/RFC: wdg-offline-validator

>>>>> "Guy" == Guy Hulbert <gwhulbert@eol.ca> writes:

    Guy> On Sat, 2008-01-12 at 11:04 +0100, David Bremner wrote:
    >> This is part of the orphaned wdg-html-validator package
    >> containing the command line validator. It consists of a single
    >> 714 line perl script.  The real benefit of having a debian
    >> package is that the script is patched to use a sgml validator
    >> and dtd's already in debian, and depends on these so it is easy
    >> to install a working validator the "debian way".

    Guy> If the "debian way" is to package single perl scripts, then
    Guy> everyone will start moving back to redhat.

If you like, think of it as an almost-virtual package so that the user
who knows they want to check the syntax of an html file installs
the tools in debian to do it, along with a simple front end,
rather then trying to understand a hint like 

SGML_CATALOG_FILES=/usr/share/sgml/declaration/xml.soc \
     SP_CHARSET_FIXED=YES SP_ENCODING=XML nsgmls -s -wxml index.html

from a mailing list (thanks to Ben Hutchings for that) and eventually
installing the same packages.

Anyway, if you're not convinced, fair enough. I agree it is a
borderline case, but it is the piece of the orphaned
wdg-html-validator package that has no equivalent in Debian.


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