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Re: mime-tools problems

On Sat, 12 Jan 2008 13:19:44 -0200, Martín Ferrari wrote:

> I backported the fixes done to libfile-spec-perl to mime-tools, but
> I'm having an error on upgrade that I've never seen before and I don't
> know how to fix it:

Hm, if I compare http://wiki.debian.org/Renaming_a_Package and
trunk/mime-tools/debian/control I see a difference: the Replaces is
not versioned and probably should be ...
> Also, I found that the package has some serious licensing problems,
> that I'm sure won't let it pass NEW today:

> in /lib/MIME/Decoder/UU.pm:
> "UU-decoding code lifted from "uuexplode", a Perl script by an unknown
> author..."

Hm ...
> These files have no copyright nor license:
> ./t/Globby.pm
> ./lib/MIME/Field/ParamVal.pm
> ./lib/MIME/Parser/Reader.pm
> These files have author but not license:
> ./lib/MIME/Field/ContType.pm
> ./lib/MIME/Field/ConTraEnc.pm
> ./lib/MIME/Field/ContDisp.pm
> ./lib/MIME/WordDecoder.pm

They seem to be by the same author so I guess assuming they have the
same license as the whole module might be safe.
> And finally, there are many acknowledgements in ./lib/MIME/Tools.pm
> that I don't know if we should include in debian/copyright.

I think that's a matter of tase ...

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