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Re: DebCamp work for pkg-perl?

/me lifts head...

Damyan Ivanov dijo [Mon, Jan 07, 2008 at 11:32:58AM +0200]:
> So, what work can be done for pkg-perl during DebCamp?
> * prepare Tincho's talk :)
> * revamping the build approach: discussions/prototyping/rants/cdbs vs.
>   anti-cdbs flames
> * emptying the upload/new-upstream queue
> * discussing how to bring Gunnar back from the ruby trap :)

Hey! I'm not in the Ruby trap - I just enjoy the language ;-) But if
you see my involvement in the pkg-ruby-extras group, you will notice
it's quite tangencial.

But yes, I need to work on a way to get some time for my stuff
again. I've been sucked into paperwork, and being such a lousy
time-administrator, I've almost disappeared from sight.

Anyway, back to business: even if it is not such a glamorous task, we
also have to put our minds on squashing the bugs we have. Tincho did a
good triaging grunt-work, but we have some real, open bugs we should
work on - and it does sound like debcamp-compatible!


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