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Re: DebCamp work for pkg-perl?

On Mon, 07 Jan 2008 10:15:16 -0200, Martín Ferrari wrote:

> > I also dislike that dh_install* calls are driven by the presence of
> > debian/$pkg.* files. I just prefer to review one file (debian/rules)
> > instead of many. This can be avoided at the cost of some uglification by
> > using variables. For example
> Remember that dh_install* will look at those files even if you specify
> filenames on the command line. And yes, you could add variables like
> you say below, I'd just use DEB_INSTALL_DOCS = blah and then call
> dh_install $(DEB_INSTALL_DOCS). Remembering that if you have a
> multibinary, those docs gets installed in all packages.

I think a variable-based approach like this would bring in a bit of
> > I also understand that this approach currently supports extension via
> > the makefile target:: syntax, which means adding to the targets, i.e.
> > clean::
> >         rm some/forgotten/file
> No exactly. To be able to do that, every target must be made
> double-colon-type, it can be done.
> Also, you could extend it by adding prerequisites to single-colon-type
> targets, and then in those prerequisites add your stuff.

Also looks good.

That could lead to a well documented debian/rules template with
commented out variables and prerequisites stubs that could be tweaked
if necessary, and the standard stuff in an include snippet. At least
if I understand it correctly.
> > pre-clean: # empty by default
> > clean: pre-clean
> >         # simplified. Build.PL...
> >         [ ! -e Makefile ] || $(MAKE) distclean
> > With this, one could extend pre-clean:: to put something before the
> > "standard" clean
> Behold, as that path leads to madness! :)

Isn't that what you explained above about the prerequisites?

> I started thinking along these lines, and ended re-implementing cdbs :)

Ouch :)
> BUT, if we want something more flexible/generic, I think that we'd use
> better our effort if we wrote and correctly documented a plugin for
> cdbs (the current perl plugin is too simple), or take cdbs, strip out
> all the stupid stuff (like the capability to rewrite debian/control)
> and then use that.

The last part sounds very similar to the other thoughts :)

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