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Re: RFS: libauthen-simple-kerberos-perl, closes: #434772

-=| Russ Allbery, 31.07.2007 08:25 |=-
> Damyan Ivanov <dam@modsoftsys.com> writes:
>> I'd say that the explanations both in changelog and README.Debian are a
>> little bit "around the problem".
>> What is the cause for the slow connection? How does krd5-config
>> (/etc/krb5.conf) help? What are the "right settings"?
>> If it is not clear to you (it is not to me), you can always ask the bug
>> submitter, who seems to have a lot of experience in the area.
> In general, if you're using Kerberos software, you want to have
> krb5-config installed.  [...]
> I think Recommends might be better than Suggests, even.  The only reason
> why I'm hesitant to say that, or to suggest Depends, is for cases where
> this module is pulled in by other dependencies on a system that doesn't
> actually use Kerberos and for which the krb5-config debconf questions
> would be meaningless.
> libauthen-krb5-perl has the same issue.

AFAIS, libauthen-simple-kerberos-perl is recommended by
libauthen-simple-perl, which is the only reverse-dependency I find.
Perhaps this should be downgraded to Suggests?

I mean, it looks almost certain that by installing lib*-krb5-perl one
intends to use Kerberos and thus krb5-config looks like a good candidate
for Recommends. libpam-krb5 and libapache2-mod-auth-kerb *depend* on

On the other hand, when installing libauthen-simple-perl, krb5 seems
like a remote dependency. Suggests seems better here IMHO.

To summarize, I propose to
 (1) make libauthen-simple-kerberos-perl Depends: (or Recommends)
 (2) make libauthen-simple-perl Suggests: libauthen-simple-kerberos-perl

This way libauthen-simple-kerberos-perl will not be pulled in by
default, though still be mentioned when installing libauthen-simple-perl

Does this make sense?
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