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Re: libmail-spf-query-perl tests failing

Stephen Quinney wrote:
> Julian Mehnle wrote:
> > This is weird.  All the tests succeed on every machine I have tried to
> > build the package on (3 different Debian/testing machines).
> >
> > > You can make 'make test' non-critical.
> >
> > I would rather not ignore failing tests.  (Yes, failed tests were
> > being ignored with previous versions of libmail-spf-query-perl, but
> > this is not what upstream intended.)
> My first thought would be, have you tried building this package in a
> chroot (using something like pbuilder)? If so you should find that any
> tests which depend on having a network connection present typically
> fail.

Hmm, an interesting note, I didn't think of that.  But since all the other 
tests succeeded when Krzysztof tried to build the package, the cause for 
some of the tests failing must have been something else, because all of 
the tests depend on a working DNS.

> Although pure-perl packages don't go to the Debian build system 
> it is always good to ensure that the package will build in a chroot.

Well, it lies in the nature of Mail::SPF::Query that a proper test suite 
requires working DNS access.  Having to disable the test suite would be a 
shame, but if "Architecture: all" packages do not get built by the build 
system, this may not be necessary.

Besides the Debian build system, and other than seeing if the build 
dependencies are completely listed, are there any other reasons why 
assuring that the package builds in a network-less chroot would be 


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