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Re: Pile of Perl package to give away

Joachim Breitner dijo [Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 07:45:42PM +0200]:
> > Sounds nice and easy to do... Should be part of our toolkit.
> Thanks. Someone up to writing it? :-)

Not me - or not now, at least :-( Would like to, as it is quite
easy... But I can't

> > Well, for those apps, we have dh-make-perl, right?
> Not sure. Is dh-make-perl intended for the end user to replace CPAN? I'd
> like to see something like "apt-cpan" which will get a requested Perl
> Module and all it's dependancies via CPAN, debianize them with
> dh-make-perl and installs them. It might even check for upgrades. Until
> we have such a thing, I think our users should not have to use CPAN, at
> least for commonly used packages.

Well... Why? I mean, dh-make-perl, yes, lacks something you mention:
The apt-cpan. We could add it - I'm not sure if it should be inside
the main dh-make-perl, probably it should be a separate program, but
inside the same package.


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