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Re: sarge Mod-perl 2.0.0

Stephen Quinney dijo [Mon, May 23, 2005 at 09:36:55AM +0100]:
> > Note that the version currently in unstable 1.999_23, which is the last
> > release candidate before 2.0.0 and contains the incompatable API
> > changes.
> Most of the packages that declare a dependency on mod_perl2 have now
> been corrected for the API change in Sid, I believe. Annoyingly it
> still breaks lots of other packages that try to provide some mod_perl2
> support. For instance, the CGI module that comes as part of
> perl-modules, libcgi-simple-perl, libhtml-mason-perl, and probably
> many more. The CGI incompatibility with the latest mod_perl2, in
> particular, has already caused me many problems.

Yes, but they have received almost no testing. They are not ripe for

> This is really bad timing with regards Sarge, there's always something
> like this, I guess...

Yup... The old 'lets wait for' list just keeps growing.

Sarge is frozen. It's a shame this didn't get in - But if we were to
delay Sarge for two more weeks just to get mod_perl2 in, we'd have to
delay it further to allow for KDE 3.4, GNOME 2.10, MySQL 5, and a long
list of etceteras that will push us beyond Etch.

Lets get Sarge out now. Lets get Etch out soon.


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