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Re: getting dh-make-perl working

On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 02:30:03PM +0100, Julian Mehnle wrote:
> The point of creating the Debian package control files by hand is not
> being able to build the package with some DH_VERBOSE flag set or something
> like that.  Rather, the point is not having to rely on dh-make-perl, which
> (1) is a hack (no offense!) for people who don't know how to manually
> create the Debian package control files, and (2) does not currently yet
> support Module::Build-based packages.
> After you created the Debian package control files by hand (which is not
> hard), you effectively have the unpacked source for a native Debian
> package.  From any Debian source package, you can build binary package(s)
> with the `dpkg-buildpackage` command (you may want to read its man-page).
> For starters, you can follow my Perl package release checklist (ignore the
> CVS parts if you're not using CVS):
>   http://julian.io.link-m.de/doc/perl-pkg-release-checklist


Thank you for that incredibly helpful post. 

One more question: how do I tell Module::Build about my
/etc/my_local_app.conf file?

(One of the important reasons I want to package my in-house apps is
to enable more seamless upgrades, including maintaining existing
conf files.)

I have included a debian/conffiles which looks like:


(The relative pathname 'etc/my_local_app.conf' didn't work either.)

my top level directory includes lib/, debian/, and etc/, and my conf
file is in etc, where you would think it is supposed to be.

I've read the perldoc for Module::Build, and it would seem that only
lib, arch, script, bin, bindoc, and libdoc are supported by the
'install_base' direction in Build.PL. Is this functionaltiy--lacking?

Or, more likely, what obvious thing am I doing wrong?

Thanks again,


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