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Re: how to build perl .debs from a debian source archive withoutthreading

alex13045 dijo [Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 12:30:57PM -0800]:
> Hi All,
> I want perl without threading. However, I want to use the
> debian-customised version of perl. The obvious choice seems to be to
> use the debian source archive, disable threading, build the source into
> a package and then install from the newly-built packages.
> The problem is that when I run apt-get -b source perl it auto-answers
> perl's configure script questions, enabling threading. I've tried
> unpacking the source, manually running configure and turning off
> threading, and then running dpkg-buildpackage but that re-runs perl's
> configure script and re-answers all the questions, thereby re-enabling
> threading!
> (...)

Try modifying ${perl_src}/debian/config.debian, doing the changes in
the last block (i.e., the long split line that does an 'eval /bin/bash

If you plan on using it in an otherwise normal Debian system, remember
to bump up the version (i.e., in debian/changelog, setting the version
number to a epoched version, such as 100:5.8.4-6, which will not break
your packages but is guaranteed to be greater than any official Debian
version - I am picking 100 as the epoch number to make sure that even
if Brendan's official packages suddenly jump like crazy to 1:, 2:,
etc. your package will remain newer.


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