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Re: Packaging policy

Allard Hoeve dijo [Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 04:57:46PM +0200]:
> Hi all,
> I think we need to coordinate our efforts better. There are loads and
> loads of Perl modules in CPAN and we can't possibly maintain all of those.
> I think we should pick and choose a reasoable number of packages that we
> want to package in say, the next three months or before sarge or this year
> or whatever, and work on those. This would preferably be a coherent list
> of widely used packages.
> Any ideas on how to compile such a list? Is there an initiative like
> popcon?

Well... I would like to suggest a rule, although it is a rule I have
violated before: If you package a module, it should be a module you
are willing to maintain. The fact that we are doing this as a group
effort should not mean we should apply different criteria from what we
do as regular developers - Even if we have a RFP, we should not
package a module that is not of interest to us, as we will not be able
to maintain it properly. 

Do I make sense, or am I far too mediocre? :-)


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