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Re: RFC Text::FormatTable

Damyan Ivanov dijo [Thu, Jun 10, 2004 at 04:35:29PM +0300]:
> Hello,
> I have packaged Text::FormatTable
> It is a pure perl module for easy text table formatting.
> I've used dh-make-perl to create the debian/* files and dh-make-perl 
> performed perfectly.
> Can someone take a look?
> http://dam.hit.bg/software/libtext-formattable-perl/


the module looks quite straightforward. I am starting to look into it,
and I think I will upload it right away. I will be modifying some
stuff in your packaging, though:

- I usually do a 'make test' as part of the build process... I see you
  commented it out - Why? (the tests do run correctly - I am
  uncommenting it)
- In your build target, you are running '$(MAKE)
  OPTIMIZE="$(CFLAGS)"'. Now, if this is a pure Perl module, why do
  you ask for C compilation optimization? I am removing it.
- Why are you stating in debian/copyright that 'This copyright info
  was automatically extracted from the perl module.
  It may not be accurate, so you better check the module sources if
  don't want to get into legal troubles.'? The copyright is quite
  explicit (both in the README and in in the module itself). I will
  remove this paragraph. (is it an automatic paragraph added by
  dh-make-perl? You should always check autogenerated files! ;-) )
- In debian/control, I will substitute (as in all of the modules
  maintained by the Perl group) the maintainer field for 'Debian Perl
  Group <pkg-perl-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>', and list you
  in 'Uploaders' as a comaintainer, is that OK with you? Also, I am
  removing the '(at work)' comment from your name, I hope you don't
  mind - You are a comaintainer, either from your workplace or from
  any other place!
- Your libtext-formattable-perl-1.00.orig.tar.gz is not identical to
  upstream's, although it contains the exact same files. I will upload
  with upstream's instead
- I will also create a debian/watch to ease scanning for new
  versions. Yes, development seems halted (this file is from nov02),
  but it should not hurt.
- dpkg-gencontrol complained that you have an unknown ${misc:Depends}
  variable in your debian/control - I am removing it.
- You did not file an ITP (Intent To Package) bug against wnpp, that's
  the usual procedure in Debian before preparing/uploading any
  package. Don't worry, I am doing it right now:
  When first uploading the package, you should note in your Changelog
  you are closing this bug - I am doing so.

I am uploading your package now both to Debian and to our group's SVN
repository. Thanks for your work!

Gunnar Wolf - gwolf@gwolf.cx - (+52-55)5630-9700 ext. 1366
PGP key 1024D/8BB527AF 2001-10-23
Fingerprint: 0C79 D2D1 2C4E 9CE4 5973  F800 D80E F35A 8BB5 27AF

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