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Re: New packages available for upload

Hi Allard,

I just checked Perl6::Export, which looks fine so far (cvs-buildpackage
works fine). If you want to improve the cvs.txt file, please do, I did
it pretty quick and with not too much care, noting down what I thought
might be handy.

When you commit files in the web directory, the web site will be updated

Thanks for packaging the modules!


Am Do, den 22.04.2004 schrieb Allard Hoeve um 11:04:
> Joachim,
> > BTW: note that Filter::Simple AFAIK is not yet in debian. You sould
> > package that one too, I guess. And while your packaging Perl6 modules,
> > would you mind packaging Perl6::Slurp too, so we can upload the new
> > version of Module::Packaged
> I uploaded both Perl6::Export and Perl6::Form to CVS. I used your
> cvs-inject. Perhaps I could improve on your HOWTO, I'll see if I get to
> it.
> Could your please check if the modules are correctly uploaded?
> For example: cvs-inject added some tags, like upstream_version_0_04 and
> debian_version_0_04-1. This isn't explained anywhere, really. Do you use
> these version tags?
> I'll try my hands on Perl6::Slurp today.
> Regards,
> Allard Hoeve
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