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Re: Bug#236429: Patch - NMUing as well

Ron dijo [Wed, Mar 10, 2004 at 10:19:31AM +1030]:
> Yes, I spoke to them when they were first announced, but I believe they
> have (had?) enough of their own work to do for a while.  I'm happy to keep
> the package to keep it from being orphaned, because as you say it is
> quite trivial, and seldom has bugs other than 'new upstream'.
> I made the offer about co-maintainer because IIRC you've shown an
> interest in it before and that would let you close bugs and the like
> without having to have it dropped in your lap as your primary
> responsibility.
> If you're not sure what I mean by co-maintainer, see, er, the developers
> reference I think.  It's now a recognised role.

If you want, I will gladly be a co-maintainer. As you say, this seems
like quite an easy package. I don't use it, though, and am unlikely to
help much in improving it (besides closing any bugs that might
appear). Now, at least I will close those four bugs you have as
'fixed' :)

I will upload a new package version adding myself as a comaintainer


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