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Re: RFS: libogg-vorbis-header-perl

Hi Joachim,

On Thursday 08 Jan 2004 18:39, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> Hi Amit,
> we have not yet thought about sponsoring perl packages. For sponsering,
> there is already a good infrastructure in place (debian-mentors and
> mentors.debian.net). I might of course personally, independent from the
> Perl Group, sponsor your package. I'll have a look at it tonight...


> It would be different if you would want to join us, and put your
> packages under the Debian Perl Group maintenance, as I currently sponsor
> all Group packages. (I hope this will not fill up the Debian Perl Group
> with people who want their perl packages sponsored easily :-))

In effect, I guess it's the same thing. Instead of one sponsor, with the DPG, 
there'll be multiple sponsors, who'll look at the quality of the packages 
being generated. I've not read on the specifics or the goals of the DPG, but 
it sounds more or less like a distributed group of sponsors.

Amit Shah

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