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Re: Alioth list for packagaing mails


Am Di, den 06.01.2004 schrieb Daniel Ruoso um 16:34:
> Em Ter, 2004-01-06 às 10:57, Joachim Breitner escreveu:
> > as HE pointed out, if we indeed enter debian-perl@lists.debian.org in
> > the Maintainer field for our packages, and we have a lot of packages,
> > then debian-perl might get a little too flooded by all kinds of
> > package-related mails. The gnome team has
> > pkg-gnome-maintainers@lists.alitoh.debian.org, we could do the same
> > thing. Any comments?
> Seems ok to me.

> > In my previous mail, I said the uploader should put himself into the
> > changelog. This is actually not needed, he should rather use
> > dpkg-buildpakge -k<his keyid> to build the package, and the person in
> > the changelog should be listed in "Uploaders:" (otherwise it would be a
> > NMU).
> ok also.
So the first person do change something after a release has his name in
the changelog entry. Now should changes by other persons before the next
a) marked and named, to trace back and avoid false accusations
b) not marked for better readablity and since the changelog is for the
user (we have the CVS).

I'd vote for b)

> For each debian revision. and
> yes, the debian_version tag should only be made when there is a release
> to be done.
> In the case above (nomeata quote), there is no need to move the tag
> debian_version_0_71-1, just create a new tag debian_version_0_71_2.
Thats a contradiction (as far as I see it).
The first debian release is tagged debian_version_0_71-1. Using
cvs-update, all files are already tagged debian_version_0_71-1, so when
we change stuff before we actually release the new version (which is
very likely), we have to re-tag it again to debian_version_0_71-1.

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