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Alioth list for packagaing mails


as HE pointed out, if we indeed enter debian-perl@lists.debian.org in
the Maintainer field for our packages, and we have a lot of packages,
then debian-perl might get a little too flooded by all kinds of
package-related mails. The gnome team has
pkg-gnome-maintainers@lists.alitoh.debian.org, we could do the same
thing. Any comments?

In my previous mail, I said the uploader should put himself into the
changelog. This is actually not needed, he should rather use
dpkg-buildpakge -k<his keyid> to build the package, and the person in
the changelog should be listed in "Uploaders:" (otherwise it would be a

We also have to think about how we treat the debian revisions. When HE
changed the package a bit, he added a new entry to debian/changelog,
thus bumping the debian revision to -2 and tagged it
debian_version_0_71-2. I'd rather add lines to the current
debian/changelog  entry, retag the sources (cvs tag -F
debian_version_0_71-1), and only bump the debian revision if we have
released a version.

This mail is a request for comments, so comment! :-)

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