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Re: State of the Art wrt XML/XSL.

Michael Koehne wrote:
>   I realy dislike the way Debian !IGNORES! CPAN.

Ah yes, like the way numerous debain developers are also CPAN contributors.

>   e.g. debconf, debhelper, netbase and dpkg-perl deserve their
>   Perl modules to become either !DELETED! or !REWRITTEN! to
>   conform to Perl coding standard.

This is pure BS.

There is no "perl coding standard". Any perl coder knows this.
TIMTOWTDI. There are a few perl style guides, which debconf for one
complies with except when my 6 years of perl experience tell me it's
better not to.

>   Those !BROKEN! modules are the main reason, that its impossible
>   to throw Perl 5.005 in the trashcan, and to use Perl 5.6 as a
>   default perl for Debian.

This is again, complete and utter bullshit. To start with:

* Debconf has been tested under perl 5.6, and works fine, with
  exactly one new warning being output by the enhanced -w checks in
  that version of perl. (Actually, it triggers a warning from a module
  that is *in cpan*.)

* Debhelper required 2 small fixed for perl 5.6, again to stop some new
  -w warnings. These fixes were applied 2 and a half months ago.

* You have not provided any proof at all that any of the 4 packages you
  are flaming about have any perl 5.6 issues.

Moreover, you are committing a logical fallacy. Simply checking
debhelper, debconf, dpkg-perl and DebianNet.pm into CPAN would no more
guarentee that this software works on furure version of perl than any
other software in CPAN meets this guarentee. There is software in CPAN
right now that is broken for perl 5.6. This is unavoidable; it's a huge
mass of software, and CPAN serves only as a central distribution point,
not as a magic way to ensure forwards compatability.

Frankly, you come across as an opnionated, but completly idiotic

Go away.

see shy jo, who is JOEY has two modules pending addition to CPAN

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