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Re: State of the Art wrt XML/XSL.

Moin Fabien Ninoles,

> I also just upload a XPath perl module which included a useful
> script (heavily modified by me and contribute back to the
> upstream author) for querying XML document using XPath
> pointers (truely useful for XML scripting!).

  If you realy think, that your script is usefull :

      Make it become a module conforming to Perl coding standard
      and upload it to CPAN.

  I realy dislike the way Debian !IGNORES! CPAN.
  e.g. debconf, debhelper, netbase and dpkg-perl deserve their
  Perl modules to become either !DELETED! or !REWRITTEN! to
  conform to Perl coding standard.

  Those !BROKEN! modules are the main reason, that its impossible
  to throw Perl 5.005 in the trashcan, and to use Perl 5.6 as a
  default perl for Debian. To use Perl 5.6 is a requirement for
  any serious XML work, because of `use utf8;`. So Debian is quite
  useless for XML, because of its dependencies to !BROKEN! modules.

  I would realy deprecicate, if you upload a version of XML::XPath
  containing something not in the CPAN module!

> I'm looking forward to add some little formatting features to the result
> so that people can use it as an intermediate between simple XPath queries
> and XSLT. Think of it as a simpler awk for xml (extract xml informations
> and reformat the output in one tool).

  take a look at XML::Filter::Digest. This is using XML::XPath::Builder,
  and its own light weight script to query XPath on XML documents.

Bye Michael
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