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Re: Perl 5.6.0 Is Here!

According to Darren/Torin/Who Ever...:
> Chip Salzenberg, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
> >Well, I've built it, and it works.  Any thought of approaching deb
> >creation?  Or would you like me to take the first arrow ^W attempt?
> I forgot to ask if you'd like to put your first attempt at
> ftp://ftp.daft.com/pub/debian/incoming?  And I'll put it up?

Oh, I haven't built debs, just a locally useful tree.  Since you're
going to have debs within a day, I'd like to wait for you.  Thanks,
Chip Salzenberg              - a.k.a. -              <chip@valinux.com>
"I wanted to play hopscotch with the impenetrable mystery of existence,
    but he stepped in a wormhole and had to go in early."  // MST3K

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