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Re: Perl 5.6.0 Is Here!

According to Darren/Torin/Who Ever...:
> Should we build with 5.005 threading or 5.6 threading?  For those of
> you not up on the latest, 5.6 threading is currently not accessible
> from the Perl level.

Since we're just a few people and Debian users are a multitude, I
think we should build them both.  (I've never liked 5.005's threading
model.  IMO, it's evil to let Perl dump core just because the
programmer forgot a lock.  But some people still use it. *sigh*)

Q: How about a shared libperl?  Cons: It would require the libperl.so
to be on the boot floppy, and it would impose a performance penalty
of, what, 10% or so?  Pros: It would allow mod_perl, vim, and other
tools that use Perl to use libperl.so, cutting total disk usage.

SubQ: Do those other tools require the "multiplicity" option in the
perl library they use?

> Unfortunately things explode all to often lately since we're in a
> joint collaboration with Stanford.

Yeah.  I prefer unilateral collaborations.  They're much simpler.
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