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Re: Packages that have to be updated

> No it has been updated. But unfortunately is has been compiled with
> perl-5.004 ... Bdale ? Could you compile it with perl-5.005 ?

Why is 5.004 a problem?  I thought the whole point of the 5.004/5.005 thing
was so that we could depend on a specific version and not have it keep people
from installing another version if they need it for some reason?  It's not
good enough to just have inn depend on 'perl5', it needs to know more than

I think I have the dependency right so that anyone using inn will need perl 
5.004, but it shouldn't interfere with having 5.005 installed / the system 
default?  I can't personally install 5.005 yet, due to dependencies on things
that depend on 'perl' still, though I'm sure you're making that better every 

As soon as the rest of the packages that depend on 'perl' that are on my
system are updated and have rippled through one of my more-or-less-daily
updates of my build system, I'd be happy to recompile it against 5.005 (which
is more than just a recompile, by the way, it requires editting a couple of
files since I'm not auto-recognizing which subversion is in use and INN needs
to know).  


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