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Re: libcgi-perl?

Piotr Roszatycki <dexter@fnet.pl> writes:
> I think CGI.pm should be splitted from perl-5.005 (analogically
> as Data::Dumper module). Why? 

The Data::Dumper module wasn't split from 5.005---it was a separate
package for a couple of years that was finally deemed important enough
that it was included in the core perl distribution.

I think I first put the data-dumper package together in '96 or '97, so
it predates even the upstream existence of 5.005.

> I could use libcgi-perl (and its version) in depends field.
> Some other packages may depend new CGI.pm version, too.
> CGI.pm is often upstreamed on CPAN and recompilation whole
> perl package isn't good idea, IMHO.
> CGI.pm isn't critical perl module then we could think about splitting it.

I don't understand what eliminating CGI.pm from perl-5.00X buys us.

People who don't want to specify libcgi-perl can use a dependency

Depends: perl-5.005 | libcgi-perl (>= 2.76)

to allow people to either use perl-5.005 (whose version they've
confirmed to be adequate), or use libcgi-perl of a specific vintage.

So go ahead and depend on a version of libcgi-perl if that's
simpler---and people will install it.  End of story.  It will
overwrite the one in the upstream perl package, but that's no big

I don't think there's any need to muck with the contents of the
upstream package for this.


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