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Re: additional thoughts about the new packages

Le Thu, Jun 24, 1999 at 08:36:57AM -0700, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... écrivait:
> This isn't good enough though.  Data::Dumper is special.  It's the only
> one that will actually go away on install of Perl 5.005.
> The explanation I've put in the README of the ftp/http site is:
>    e) After Perl-5.005 is installed, Data::Dumper is replaced.
>       Unfortunately, if you still want to use a module built using the
>       non-versioned Perl and it uses Data::Dumper, you'll fail.

<possible solutions if really needed ...>
Ok, then I can package libdata-dumper-perl-5.004 and make it provide
data-dumper. The problem is that if it provides data-dumper the 
perl-5.005 conflict will forbid his installation ...

But I think i've got a better idea : we make perl-5.004 
depends (or recommends but with that we may never be sure) on
libdata-dumper-perl-5.004 and this package provide/conflict/replaces
data-dumper. No need to make perl-5.005 conflict with data-dumper,
it could simply provide and replace it.

But we'll have a problem with the Data::Dumper manpage. I do not want it
to be the property of libdata-dumper-perl-5.004 if perl-5.005 is installed.
</possible solutions>

In fact, i'm not really convinced that we need all this crap. The simplest
solution may be to remove the conflicts (and only the conflicts) between
perl-5.005 and Data::Dumper until the transition to perl-5.005 has been
completed. This way Data::Dumper will still be available for the
old perls (perl_5.004.04 and perl-5.004) and it will be removed when it
will be of no use for any package (ie when you'll add the conflict
in perl-5.005).

> - From looking at the code, the only way that I could see that happening
> would be if the incpush line we've add for Debian has addsubdirs =
> TRUE.  You said you were compiling it yourself, could you check that?

I've compiled it myself but I used your .orig.tar.gz (from 2 weeks) and
your *-0.8.diff.gz. And I do not have anything in perl.c that may explain
what I get :

/* Use the ~-expanded versions of APPLLIB (undocumented),
    incpush(APPLLIB_EXP, TRUE);

    incpush(ARCHLIB_EXP, FALSE);
#define PRIVLIB_EXP "/usr/local/lib/perl5:/usr/local/lib/perl"
#if defined(WIN32)
    incpush(PRIVLIB_EXP, TRUE);
    incpush(PRIVLIB_EXP, FALSE);

    incpush(SITEARCH_EXP, FALSE);
#if defined(WIN32)
    incpush(SITELIB_EXP, TRUE);
    incpush(SITELIB_EXP, FALSE);
#ifdef DEBIAN
    incpush("/usr/lib/perl5", FALSE);
#ifdef OLDARCHLIB_EXP  /* 5.00[01] compatibility */
    if (!tainting)
        incpush(".", FALSE);

That's strange but not really annoying.
Hertzog Raphaël >> 0C4CABF1 >> http://prope.insa-lyon.fr/~rhertzog/

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