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Re: additional thoughts about the new packages


Raphael Hertzog, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>This is only useful if a script does specifically use perl-5.004.
>And this shouldn't happen at the present time.
>If someone installs perl-5.005 on his machine, then all scripts
>that use /usr/bin/perl will use perl-5.005 and the Data::Dumper
>module will be found.
>And as long as perl-5.005 is not installed, data-dumper will not be
>removed so perl scripts using /usr/bin/perl as perl-5.004 will still
>have data-dumper.

This isn't good enough though.  Data::Dumper is special.  It's the only
one that will actually go away on install of Perl 5.005.

The explanation I've put in the README of the ftp/http site is:
   e) After Perl-5.005 is installed, Data::Dumper is replaced.
      Unfortunately, if you still want to use a module built using the
      non-versioned Perl and it uses Data::Dumper, you'll fail.

>Yes for the transition it may be useful. I also noted that ARCHLIB is
>present twice in @INC (one time at the beginning and one time at the
>end), I wonder how this happened :
>$ perl-5.004 -e '$"="\n"; print "@INC"'

It's not on mine:
{2}[0]~ kitchen:-) perl-5.004 -le 'print join("\n", @INC);'

- From looking at the code, the only way that I could see that happening
would be if the incpush line we've add for Debian has addsubdirs =
TRUE.  You said you were compiling it yourself, could you check that?

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