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Re: perl-base fake package

Le Tue, Jun 22, 1999 at 02:27:35AM -0700, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... écrivait:
> Raphael,
>   I was just finishing up the fake packages and noticed that you have
> perl-base depend on perl-=version=-base | perl5-base.
> Why would you do that?  Shouldn't just depending on perl5-base work?
> That way, the same essential package can continue to be installed while
> we go from 5.004->5.005->5.006->etc.

In fact it was not 'perl-=version=-base | perl5-base' but 'perl-5.004-base |
perl5-base'. I did this because of the Debian policy, when we depend on a
virtual package we should indicate 
"preferred_package_providing_virtual_package | virtual_package"

<Just checking>
Oh I see that I really wrote perl-=version=-base, that was not my intent.
</Just checking>

But that's not mandatory. So you can remove it safely. It would have been
useful if we didn't have the perl fake package.

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