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[GSoC 2021] Proposal: Packaging Loki for Debian

Hello list users,

This is Berkhan. I'm a computer science student and a system
administrator from Turkey. A friend of mine told me that this year's
GSoC is due tomorrow (Apr 13) and I wanted to share a proposal that is
in my mind for a few months.

I have been using Prometheus in Debian for a year. Efforts in the Debian
package is remarkable, and that made me think why there is no work in
Loki side.

I also looked proposals in the mailing list which this proposal is
sharing some similarities with the Caddy HTTP server proposal--please
correct me if I am wrong.

This will be the first Debian contribution. I am currently writing a
proposal for packaging Loki for Debian. Do you have any suggestion? I
think worth to mention that I don't have extensive Go language
experience. However, I think this should not be a major barrier to
package a software in Debian.

Looking forward to hear thoughts from Debian community.

Stay safe,

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