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[GSoC Report][Week 11] Architecture Cross-Grading Support in Debian

Hey everybody,

Home stretch :-) 

I've run into a pretty big problem in crossgrader this week that I've been working on a fix for. APT will sometimes refuse to mark some packages as installed while auto_inst is set to true, which means APT sometimes can't automatically crossgrade a package's dependencies.

Fortunately this is not a huge issue for crossgrades to natively supported architectures. However, the place where I have encountered this issue is during the first stage of non-natively supported architecture crossgrades, namely crossgrading fish. If fish isn't crossgraded, then any user using fish as their login shell will be unable to login after reboot to continue the crossgrade.

To fix the problem, I will have to write some custom dependency resolving code in the crossgrader to handle when APT fails.

Week 10 progress:
1. Automatically crossgrade all available login shells
2. Tested crossgrading a copy of my current Debian install from amd64 to i386
3. Worked on updated asciicasts for instructions


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