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[GSoC-20 Report] [Weekly Report: 9] Android SDK tools in Debian


This report points to work done in Week 9 [July 26 -Aug 1].

Here's a quick update:

>> Cloned upstream Gradle 4.7 and checked that it builds the kotlin 1.3.30 without any errors? Yes, which makes it a problem in downstream only.
>> The proguard warning was fixed by andrewsh (Thank you for your help) [1]
>> Because of all the current blockers and issues I had a meeting with fellow project members.
>> Fixed ASM Opcodes.API_VERSION error in the kotlin-gradle-plugin
>> In a nutshell, The error is again the result of a deadlock! The Gradle version to compile the very our kotlin-gradle-plugin requires is 4.7 or above. I tried to work on as many options we are left with the kotlin-gradle-plugin old src which was compatible with 4.4.1. I tested for 1.2.3, 1.2.4, and 1.2.7 they were the older version. But it conflicted with the java version! Weirdly The kotlin-gradle-plugin src needs Class 55 i.e. Java 11 while the kotlin src needs Java 8.
>> As pointed. I was stuck on the Android data binding error, which turns out that it was failing because android-platform-frameworks-data-binding (one of kotlin build-deps wasn't compatible with Java 8), it was fixed, andrewsh uploaded the changes.
>> But, I guess the best fix is to backport those changes from the newer Gradle.

Apart from Work Stuff:
>> Later that week, I passed my second evaluation! <3
>> The Android BoF for Debconf got selected!

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/samyak-jn/kotlin/-/merge_requests/1

Thanks and regards,
Samyak Jain

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