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Re: [GSoC Report][Week 11] Architecture Cross-Grading Support in Debian


On Sat, Aug 15, 2020 at 01:24:10AM -0700, Kevin Wu wrote:
> To fix the problem, I will have to write some custom dependency resolving
> code in the crossgrader to handle when APT fails.

Or, you could explain in a bit more detail what the problem is, e.g. in
a bugreport against apt, on deity@lists.debian.org or IRC #debian-apt.

I would in general encourage you to talk more to the people of the tools
you are using rather than dealing with the tools (or at least writing
about them) as if they are unflexible obtuse black boxes without people
behind them.

My personal experience is more in the underlying C++ library than its
python bindings, so I kept quiet so far thinking you will ask if they
aren't working as you need it – but as someone who a few weeks ago did
some tiny changes to the resolver again eventually resulting in a two-
month project I can't ignore that sentence with a clear conscience.

Best regards

David "GSoC 2010 'MultiArch in APT' student" Kalnischkies

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