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[GSoC-20 Report] [Weekly Report: 8] Android SDK tools in Debian


This report points to work done in Week 8 [July 19 -July 25].

As mentioned in the last report my week started to resolve the failures of source the kotlin-Gradle-plugin.
In the Initial days, I continued to find the root cause of the errors, and what will be the perfect fix?
The crucial reason for all the errors is because of the circular dependencies with the  Gradle and Android-plugins. The kotlin source needs gradle (>4.7) and android-gradle-plugin (>3.0.0), which in turn needs kotlin binaries to update.

Therefore, I experimented by backporting kotlin-gradle-plugin src of version 1.2.3 and 1.2.4  which has gradle dependency for version (<= 4.4).
For now, I have corrected the build files for the plugin and set there the path to match the correct dependency, the original errors were resolved but the compilation of the old source conflicted due to the obsolete functions. That needed fixing!

Apart from kotlin work, There was a positive response for the BoF mail sent on the android-tools-teams. For the very same, I drafted the proposal. :)

Thanks and regards,
Samyak Jain

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