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[GSoC-20 Report] [Weekly Report: 7] Android SDK tools in Debian


This report points to work done in Week 7 [July 12 -July 18].

I wrote a readme for (Groovy->kts Translation) so that on converting files, it can be easy to refer.

    1. kotlin-annotation-*
    2. kotlin-android-extensions (corrected with custom functions)
    1. Fixed compiler-embeddable by writing custom functions to make it compatible for Groovy to understand kotlin closures.
    2. Corrected compiler-runner issues.
    3. Fixed runtime dependencies.

Changes are at [1]

Thanks to m36 to help me sort out the custom functions that he defined last year.

The kotlin-sam-with-receiver blockers are resolved and the verified patches were pushed to the main kotlin repo, can be found here [2]

In this weekly meeting andrewsh, reviewed the package, and finally, one of the reasons that it wasn't able to build from its binaries was found. 

He suggested and I quote, "Everything needs to build"

The plugins were patched from the settings.gradle last year and hence it wasn't building.

I removed the same patch and the kotlin-Gradle-plugin fails with many errors :/

My college started this week (virtually!).

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/samyak-jn/kotlin-1.3.30

[2] https://salsa.debian.org/samyak-jn/kotlin

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