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[GSoC 2020] Week 5&6 Report - Android SDK tools in Debian

Hola Everyone,
I am sending this combine report as last week there was some college work that needs to be finished so I couldn't dedicate much of my time for GSoC and now as its completed i am devoting my time back to GSoC. So this report contains information about tasks completed in the last 14 days. 

During this time i worked on android-platform-tools-apksig  https://salsa.debian.org/android-tools-team/admin/-/issues/20 , i completed this task and now android-platform-tools-apksig is updated in Debian archive. During this time i also worked on google-android-ndk-installer and updated its standard version, as well as minor changes as the Major update of version, was already done leading to the closing of the issue  https://salsa.debian.org/android-tools-team/admin/-/issues/24 . 
Currently, i am working on a nondependent package of Gradle and Kotlin i,e google-android-ndk-installer https://salsa.debian.org/android-tools-team/admin/-/issues/25 . 
Majority of work which is assigned to me is dependent on gradle latest version which depends on Kotlin , so there is a little slow on work as the other issues and therefore they are in middle because of these two packages, well during this month there was great progress on Kotlin and Gradle by Samyak and Raman and hope to see Kotlin and Gradle soon in Debian Archive. 
 The previous week was utilized for my college exams and work and i mentioned this too in my proposal regarding I will be a bit slow on my first week of July as that's the time of Final Year students to submit their projects and all. 
I will utilize the upcoming time more and work on packages and give me 8 hours daily to the project as now the college burden is off the shoulders. 

Manas Kashyap 

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