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[GSoC 2020] Week 5&6 Report - Android SDK tools in Debian

Hey Everyone! I have been away for the last week and couldn't work as planned. My Grandfather underwent a spleen surgery. I was at the hospital with him. He's fine now and I am back at work since 11th July. So this report contains information about tassks completed in last 10 days. Not technically a week but okay.

I finally fixed the Ivy error[1] which I was talking about in the last month's report. Turns out, it wasn't the Ivy at fault but a hook in maven resolver which enabled the resolver to look into system repositories for various modules. Two upstream commits which deal with component discovery[2] and normalization of ModuleIndentifier[3]
were helpful in understanding and implementing calls in the hook. The hook is now compatible with new upstream practices.

Another thing that was accomplished was improvement of Ivy patch. which was used initially during packaging of Gradle in Debian. The patch[4] was only part applicable as we have shifted to kotlin from groovy. Now Gradle uses latest Ivy and does not FTBFS. As of today, Gradle fails to build because there’s no zinc compiler in Debian. There is Scala build tool available now which was the major dependency of Zinc when Gradle was initially packaged in Debian. I am thinking of patching out Scala and zinc parts from gradle for now as packaging Gradle is the high priority task. I will separately package Zinc later and remove the patch. The error logs can be found here.[5] I will be working on this for the upcoming week and try to iron out as many as bits here and there. Let’s hope I get gradle packaged soon. Kotlin is also almost done, Thanks to Samyak’s work.

That's it for this week, I will see you in the next one! A blog post on this week can be found here.[6]

[1] https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RNCWQnYPq8/
[5] https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ghzyPsqywb/

Raman Sarda

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