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Re: [GSoC Report] Week 4 - Systemd Unit Translator

On 7/1/20 1:18 PM, Benda Xu wrote:

> Good, looks like you are back on track. Please do a comprehensive > test on _all_ the .unit, .socket, .timer files on /lib/systemd/system > of your Debian system, and report back the success ratio of the > conversion, hopefully in 2 days.
Hi, Benda.
Here is the data after testing:

  Tested: 76
  Excluded: All LSB scripts and systemd components such as networkd, volatile-root, etc
  Successfully starting: 34
  Ratio: 0.447

Common failure patterns:

  - Translation failure:

    - Missing ExecStart in services like `clean-mount-point@.service` which
     depends on a mount unit and runs a `rm -rf` in an ExecStop instead.

    - Special executable prefixes like `-` or `!!` which convey special meaning
      with regards to error handling or special systemd behaviour like
      `AmbientCapabilities` which haven't been handled yet.

  - Failure to start because of special start / stop functionality.

  - Failure to start because of an environment file reference which the
    translator doesn't handle yet.

  - Failure to start because of `.target` hasn't been met as the translator only
    handles network and dbus for now.

  Tested: 15
  Excluded: 0
  Working: 0
  Ratio: 0

Failure patterns:

  Currently all socket units under Debian's `/lib/systemd/system` directory rely
  on a filesystem socket which xinetd doesn't support. xinetd works over TCP /
  UDP. Further work is needed.

  Tested: 7
  Working: 3
  Ratio: 0.428

Failure patterns:

  - Currently the translator handles Calendar special _expression_ as described
  here: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.time.html

  - The four failed translations are because of the units following a format not
  handled by the translator such as: Thu,Fri 2012-*-1,5 11:12:13 or

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