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Re: [GSoC Report] Week 4 - Systemd Unit Translator

Hi K Gopal,

K Gopal Krishna <kayg@riseup.net> writes:

> It has been a tremendous 4th week after 3 weeks of gaining and losing
> momentum. As described in my proposal's schedule, as of June 28, the
> translator is capable of handling service, socket and timer units. The
> translator is completely written in bash. It currently depends on
> `gawk` and `sed` but reducing external dependencies is a long term
> goal as bash has decent filtering capabilities itself and it makes
> much more sense to leverage all in-built functionality before using an
> external tool.
> [...]

Good, looks like you are back on track.  Please do a comprehensive test
on _all_ the .unit, .socket, .timer files on /lib/systemd/system of your
Debian system, and report back the success ratio of the conversion,
hopefully in 2 days.

This will be the foundation for your 1st evaluation.


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