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[GSoC 2020] Week 3 Report - Android SDK tools in Debian

Hola everyone,
Here's my report for week 3 of the coding period.

This week was a bit slow one as compared to previous weeks as I wasn't Physically well this week. Although I started working on  2 packages 
 android-platform-tools-apksig  and Bundletools.
I have finished with android-platform-tools-apksig and will create a Merge Request regarding it and for bundletool the initial packaging has been started with different branches, there is a blocker of a dependency protobuf-gradle-plugin which is currently packaged but we need this package of the different upstream source so figuring it out how to work on it.
This week I have planned to work on bundletool and finish with its dependency and check if we need anything regarding this and in the further week, I will look into the update of wala ( as wala depends a lot on the new upstream Gradle,), so I will use the upstream Gradle and will prepare the package and wait for Gradle to be in the archive then we can push the new version of wala in the archive too.

Rest this week was slow on the work phase due to health issues but I will try to work more in upcoming weeks to fill this loss of time. 


Manas Kashyap

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