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[GSoC 2020] Week 2 Report - Android SDK tools in Debian

Hey everyone!
Here's my report for Week 3 of coding period. (June 15 to June 21)

This week was again a bit slow like the last week. The null pointer exception which popped up in gradle upgrade has been really tough to crack. Looked like a library name is returning as null. The line responsible for the error is L36 from build-extensions.kt. The library in question here seems to come from import org.gradle.Project from same file. So it looked like the issue is with gradle. But gradle builds fine from upstream source right? So something must be wrong in my setup is what I thought.
I found the bootstrap script from here to try an install gradle 6.4.1 as a bootstrap package. But still failed. :(. Same error.

I am trying to dig in more in this issue. meanwhile I started on android-sdk-latest with help of Chirayu Desai late last week. The basic idea is to replace all the several repos in salsa for platform-tools, adb, system-core, etc with a single repo which will directly clone required repos from AOSP and then build the packages. Some of the work is been done here. And We will be tracking the future work on this issue. Sorry. Not much was done last week. But I am on it and will try to fix gradle upgrade as soon as possible.


Raman Sarda

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