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[GSoC 2020] Week 1 Report - Android SDK tools in Debian

Hey everyone!

Here's my report for week 1 of coding period. (1st June to 7th June)

Things done: 
* Remove the section that generated documentation using the upstream commandline.adoc.

* Remove the NonNullApi.jar that was provided using Gradle 3. NonNull annotations are already patched out, we don’t need them anymore.

* Improve the patches that disable AWS SDK sections and Google Apis. Both of them aren’t in Debian yet.

Gradle build is almost complete. It even builds the kotlin-dsl jars. Which earlier didn't work because of some issue with my local set up. 

All of the above changes can be found in the testing branch of my fork of gradle on salsa here.[https://salsa.debian.org/theloudspeaker-guest/gradle]

Will be testing that and plan to complete gradle packaging by next week. A blog post about the 1st week can be found here on my blog. [https://theloudspeaker.home.blog/2020/06/10/gsoc-2020-week-1/]

Raman Sarda

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