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Re: GSOC and Debian - urgent action

On Tue, Feb 04, 2020 at 01:58:19AM +0530, Pranav Jain wrote:
> We are applying for GSoC 2020 and are on track to complete the
> application for the same on time.
> We (Outreach team) are also planning to have a meeting this week to
> decide on further steps and to announce a call for projects/proposals.

The GSoC Mentor Guide says:

| Note that the quality of the project descriptions on an organization’s
| “Ideas list” is the main criterion for the organization’s admittance
| into GSoC. It is worth spending some extra effort to ensure that the
| projects you propose are worthy of the GSoC banner.
| When Google Administrators review the hundreds of organization
| applications one of the main things they look at is the quality of the
| Ideas list.


I've heard google usually start reviewing right away, so you really want
the ideas list to be in good shape at the org application deadline.
If they review the Debian application and there's just an empty
placeholder or only a few ideas copied over from those not chosen last
year, that's going to look like we aren't really interested.


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