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Re: GSoC

Sorry everyone for being this persistent. But want to lay out some pointers to you all.

1.In addition to you will not survive 2 evaluation. He also said he will not review the code because he feels mental exhaustion/burned out. Leave that task to co-mentor.
2. Also he did not test the code. Leave that task to the community(just by dropping mail need help with testing) 
3. He breaks few rules given the official GSoC guideline.
4. When a student asks for help just say he is busy with vacation and will not be able to test code.
5. Still expect "extremely perfect code" from the student.
6. Then fail in the final evaluation and simply say "try next time try selecting a better mentor". Instead, him being a better one this time.

Have all mentor interact with their students like this?
Can some experienced mentor tell who was wrong?
What should the student do in this case?
Did any other students have experience similar to this?

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