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[project idea] Improve Virtual-LTSP


Now that GSoC is over I would like to share a few project ideas
that might be used on future GSoC terms. Sharing and discussing
project ideas never hurts, even if I am not able to mentor next year.
If I don't publish them somewhere it is quite possible that I will forget
about them.

Currently Virtual-LTSP scripts support only VirtualBox:

One possible improvement can be to support KVM/QEMU
and Docker as well. They have some benefits compared to VirtualBox,
for example VirtualBox can support only Intel architectures
(i386/amd64), while KVM/QEMU can support other architectures
as well (for example arm). Docker is less resource intensive compared
to VirtualBox and KVM/QEMU and it offers native performance
(the guest has almost the same performance as the host).

Another possible improvement can be to support RaspberryPi
Probably this requires that Virtual-LTSP supports chroot mode
as well (currently it supports chrootless mode only).

Some other small fixes/improvements can be these:

 - Fix the guest account
   The guest account provided is not really a guest account. A guest account is supposed to clean up (or undo) all the changes made by the guest user. It usually does it on logout or before the next login.

 - Fix autologin
   The autologin in the LTSP context makes sense only when each client logs in as a different user. If all the clients login as the same user it is not going to work well.

 - Fix ltsp-manager
   ltsp-manager fails to be installed

 - Build a vagrant box based on LMDE3

The debian branch needs to be reworked as well, to be similar to
the ubuntu branch. Or maybe they can be merged into a single branch.


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