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Re: GSoC weekly report of Distro Tracker Improvements (Week 12)

Hi Dashamir,

Dashamir Hoxha, <dashohoxha@gmail.com> wrote:
 For example until now I had assumed that
Jaminy was a boy (I don't have a clue on Indian names, it sounded to me like Jeremy or
something like that).

Then, you misunderstood two things earlier here. I'm not a boy and not an Indian. I'm a girl and a Sri Lankan. :)

For future GSoC, maybe we can propose that students prepare a short video (5-10 min)
presenting their project and their work.

Since we had shorter time period to plan for it, we couldn't include much.Hope to add them in the future. Thanks for your suggestions.

This can be one of the required deliveries and
included (as a link) on the final report. For this year maybe it is too late.

It's not late yet.He could include it since the final submission is not done yet.


Best Regards,

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